Professional Statement

Congratulations, brazen surfer of the information superhighway, you have successfully reached my webpage! I'm Wayne Stainrook, and I write things on the Internet. I built this website using HTML and CSS for a graduate course called Internet and Writing Studies taught by Dr. Bill Wolff at Rowan University in the fall of 2012. After a lengthy hiatus, I am finally back online, armed with spiffier aesthetics and stronger examples of my work (or at least I'd like to think so!).

At the moment, I am an editorial intern for Game Informer Magazine, where I write news and features. I've previously worked as a copywriter for Burlington Coat Factory and as an editorial intern for Snooth. In May 2014, I earned a master's of writing arts at Rowan University after completing my bachelor's in journalism and media studies at Rutgers University — New Brunswick in spring 2012. Though having a smaller, more concentrated learning environment proved beneficial for my graduate studies, I certainly missed (and still do) performing as the RU Scarlet Knight in front of students and alumni and working at the Transfer Center as a mentor for incoming students.

My resume lists additional details on my work history and education, so please feel free to click "resume" in the fancy navigation bar I coded! And if you're interested in any of my work, which includes personal essays and a Pecha Kucha presentation on Animal Crossing fandom, there's a tab for that, too.

On a lighter note, my interests include gaming, swimming, reading, TV, wine and professional football. I'm currently challenging myself to finish the Game of Thrones books before the next season begins, and I'm about 100 pages in to A Clash of Kings. As for games, I enjoy mascot-based platformers like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog, fighting games like Soul Calibur and Blazblue and RPGs like Final Fantasy and Mass Effect. Netflix and Amazon Instant have brought me back into TV viewing, really, so now I'm completely invested in Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black. I swam a pretty mean backstroke and butterfly back in high school, and, unfortunately, I'm an Eagles fan (sigh).

I'll continue to update this site as I do more stuff and experiment with the design. Thanks for visiting!